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Our Purpose

TWP Girl

Our Vision

We aspire to be the premiere organization that is known for transforming the lives of teen girls who dare to dream big. 

Our program is designed for teen girls age 14 (9th graders) and walks with the girls throughout the entire 4 year program. 

Our Mission

To enable teen girls 14 -17 to achieve successful career outcomes by helping them identify and realize their precious potential by affirming their individual gifts and skills and exposing them to experiences that will strengthen their resolve to pursue a professional career.

TWP offers a totally distinct, customized curriculum that focuses on helping teen girls build leadership skills, self-reflection, critical thinking, sound decision making, goal setting, effective communication skills and personal accountability. Our program entitled, “Back To The Basics” explores different topics, such as: 

Who Am I?,

Where Am I Going?

How Am I Going To Get There?

Meet Our Founder: Valerie Walker

Valerie Walker became the Founder and CEO of Teens With Purpose, an organization for Teen Girl 14-17 in Tempe, AZ. Upon relocating to Cleveland, Ohio in 2009 she started the Cleveland Chapter.

Valerie's goal is for every teen girl to leave different than when she came, transformed.

Founder in Peach Shirt Pointing
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